The Kitchen Inc. Pure Greed

The Kitchen Inc. Pure Greed

May 20, 2023 - 12:35
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The Kitchen Inc. Pure Greed

After speaking with a Former employee at the Tri-lakes news about a well known ministry in Springfield Missouri called the Kitchen Inc, we have established that they are not as motivated to help people as they appear. The Kitchen is just another organization who puts on a facade of community service but is actually motivated by greed.

An individual who is to remain nameless had created a website to donate to the organization for one of its housing projects was threatened with a lawsuit for simply requesting to donate the site and they refused. Instead the CEO of the Kitchen Inc offered to take a money donation but refused anything else. This is a quality of a greedy heart.

Anyone who follows the News on Megalo Global knows that we despise greedy people and greedy organizations. 

When the nameless party had sent an email to the Kitchen requesting to donate the website, The CEO of the Kitchen called him and threatened a lawsuit for the website being up. Instead of accepting the donated website and using it to further their work. She stated if he wanted to donate then the only donation type would be a monetary donation. When this was stated we have enough to establish that a true motive. Greed.

They could have used the website as a source to grow their work in many ways but instead all they wanted was money. 

The Kitchen is all about money. Not the homeless or the community they state they serve. 

Once again putting greed over community assistance. 

If the website had been donated along with a huge payday, then they would have jumped on it. 

Since the donor of the site had donated it to a to facility in oklahoma who accepted it with a greatful thank you.

We despise greedy people. Article submitted by " The Guardian Angels World Ministries" 

This article was posted without the involvement of the nameless party and without the assistance of the nameless party.

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