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The United States is entering a moment of extreme division and turmoil: conservatives and liberals are in conflict, traditional values clash with progressivism, communist and anti-communist forces are in a cold war, there is a war between Russia and Ukraine, and there is a nuclear threat. Inflation and skyrocketing prices have led to a world that has never been more chaotic and confusing.

The media, which used to show mutual respect, is now severely divided. Left-wing and right-wing media accuse each other of being fake news, and the labels of extreme left and extreme right are thrown around indiscriminately. Journalists and media outlets are no longer respected and trusted as they once were. If you want to report the truth, you have to be very brave, like a warrior, because you will be attacked, canceled, fired, and sued, more than in any other period in history. We know that a significant number of Americans lack confidence and optimism in the media. However, we have hope that we can regain the trust of the American people through honesty and integrity.

Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, we have never lost hope in our mission to report the truth. Our commitment to journalistic integrity has not wavered, even in the face of adversity.

Five years ago, the founder of The M.G.N.N. dreamed of freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and the pursuit of happiness. We deeply admire the founding fathers of America, were inspired by the American people, and believe that a nation founded on rights and virtues is a great hope for us and our families. We established a non-profit media company to report the truth independently of any corporate, political, or financial agenda. 

Today, we are being attacked, arrested, canceled, and sued, not only by the Biden Communist Party, but also by big tech companies, and the mainstream media. We've struggled for years, facing unimaginable difficulties—sleeping in the office, working seven days a week, spending months away from our families. Despite facing numerous challenges and setbacks, we have never lost hope in our mission to report the truth. Our commitment to journalistic integrity has not wavered, even in the face of adversity. Our offices have been broken into and only a few months ago our web servers were hacked and brought down multiple times, but we have continued to persevere. The outpouring of support from millions of readers and friends who continue to encourage us has given us the strength to carry on. We are inspired by their commitment to upholding the values of freedom and democracy, and we will not be silenced in our pursuit of the truth. They share M.G.N.N. with their friends and family. We receive heartwarming letters and donations every day. And far too often we receive hate mail by liberals. We even received a bomb threat by a liberal known as Lucas Boes who owns a fake tech company called Trusted Tech solutions in Omaha Nebraska. 

However we truely thank our founding fathers and we often seek individuals with this kind of free heart. We often see the hope of America and the world's future in these kind men, women, and children. With the understanding that "Truth Brings Hope," our beliefs motivate us to work tirelessly day and night.

Our Outlook


To be recognized as the ‘Freedom Truth News Network,’ the world’s most trusted and admired media company, and the organization that will restore, by its example, the best practices and highest principles of journalism.


The M.G.N.N. Association is dedicated to seeking the truth through insightful and independent journalism, standing outside of political interests and the pursuit of profit, in order to serve the public benefit and be truly responsible to society. We inform readers about current, important topics; broaden and uplift minds; and promote rational and balanced debate, as is critical to fostering a healthy republic and a compassionate society. We investigate issues overlooked or avoided by other media outlets, focus on what is good in society rather than on what divides people, and report respectfully, compassionately, and vigorously. 

Our Values


Adhering to the standards of factual accuracy and impartiality, thus delivering on a commitment to transparency and fair, objective communication.


Empathizing with others; refraining from retaliation or personal attacks; engaging in respectful discourse about constructive solutions to common problems faced by those of varied--sometimes opposing--viewpoints.


Supporting and enlightening our readers, taking their well-being and human dignity into account, by writing for them--about the things that matter most to them.


Acting in accord with the ethical ideals we proclaim; refusing to compromise on matters of truth, accuracy, impartiality or justice.

Social Responsibility

Promoting content that showcases the best of the human experience, the pinnacles of human cultural achievement, and the well-being and flourishing of our readers.